'We all have different body structures, unique food habits, individual lifestyles, skin and hair colour, likes and dislikes that set us apart from each other.'

These health fitness tools, calculators, assesments and nutritional expertise will be the basis for creating a personalised program that will help you shed off that extra weight - for good!



Keeping track of what you eat may help you lose weight faster. People who keep track of what they eat, tend to lose weight twice as much as the rest. The Calorie Counter helps keep track of exactly how many calories you consume with every meal and can help you reduce your food intake. Personally, I use it daily. This tool not only helps you lose weight but also maintains your weight.

Male Female
(in centimeters)
(in kilograms)
Calorie Result
Sr.No. Mislleneous
1 You need ____ Calories/day to maintain your weight
2 You need ____ Calories/day to loss your weight.
3 You need ____ Calories/day to gain your weight


Water is rightly termed as the Elixir of Life. Every human being should have the right amount of water intake to maintain his/her body functions. People ingest water in diffrent forms everyday. Apart from its purest form, common beverages like juices, soda, tea, coffee are some examples. These help replenish the hydration requirements of the body, however, in the long run can be harmful. Thus, the water intake calculator will enable you to determine the volume of the water intake you should have on a daily basis depending on your lifestyle activities.

(in Kgs)
(Number Of Minutes Of Daily Exercise)
Water requirement
Sr.No. Mislleneous Daily Consumption
1 Liters Of Water
3 Approximate Glasses Of Water

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