'Give your child, the food he cannot refuse.'

Childhood obesity is our century’s biggest health challenge. Overweight and obese children are more likely to grow into obese and overweight adults, with higher chances of developing lifestyle diseases at a young age. From trying to cook something interesting and delicious every day, to deciding how often they can have junk food, to insisting they eat healthy, however boring food - meal-times usually are a big battle with today’s children.

corporate  Catch Them Young & Watch Them Grow Strong


So do away with the early onset of juvenile obesity with the right food and excercise programs. My children's nutrition programs are carefully designed with easy-to-make, yummy and very healthy recipes, that will satisfy those picky taste buds, while keeping in mind the child's calorie requirements, post their body compostion analysis. Alongwith nutritional advice, your child will also be gently made aware of the need for participating in a regular exercise routine.