It is an Any Time Clarification-ATC-program. I consult my valuable clients online from all over the world. We remain in touch regularly through Whatsapp/Calls/Skype/Emails & I guide them on queries almost all times, as per their requirement, unlike a weekly cycle that is followed during in-clinic consultation. This program addresses the needs of my clients staying abroad, in terms of getting them the best results with the foods/type of cuisine available there, keeping in mind their international lifestyle & challenges, thereupon including extensive travel sometimes. This is also very useful for my clients within India-Mumbai or elsewhere-who have busy lifestyles to be able to visit the clinic frequently & who travel nationally/internationally very often.

I am always ready to help you choose the right program. If you feel unsure, you can get in touch with me through email or the phone, discuss the result you are looking for and I will can guide you based on your lifestyle, medical history, etc.

Yes, the program fee has to be paid upfront and not in installments. However, you can choose a convenient method via bank transfer, credit card, Western Union and cash.

I strive to provide weight loss programs that are simple to start and follow. Depending on your requirement – medical or cosmetic, I ensure that you are at ease through the process. Educating you through the process is my goal. To know more about the process ‘Click Here’

I understand that a strict diet can get difficult to follow in the long run. I do not believe in starving my clients either. I strive to ensure that the diet is a perfect balance of nutrition coupled with the right exercise. Also, the food you love, will not be excluded. It is all about moderation and learning about your own body.

No, I do not believe in giving tablets to help lose weight. Vitamin tablets are recommended; however, these are suggested with a healthy diet plan and personalized exercise schedule which aids in improving your immunity, stamina, fat metabolism, basal metabolism, etc.

I have a special Kids' Nutrition diet. These are tailor made for children specifically which aid in fat loss, weight loss, height gain, sports nutrition and problems such as weight gain, low immunity, low vitamin levels and hormonal problems.

I suggest you bring along/upload the reports of your last tests conducted. After uploading these, interacting with you and understanding your medical history/health goals and basis the recency of your last tests conducted, I will decide the the tests to be conducted.

Yes! The gift of health is not only the most thoughtful, but also precious.