My E-plan model is designed keeping in mind today's fast paced life. No matter where you would like to consult from, the platform is extremely user-friendly and absolutely time saving. Now it is easier to join a program suiting your Indian/Continental food habits from the comfort of your home/office. Choose a healthy lifestyle TODAY!

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A simple 5 step process towards a healthier YOU!

Tell me Everything

Give me a detailed description of your medical history, weight history, body composition analysis, lifestyle analysis and your ultimate health goal. Upload all your reports once you have created your profile.

Routine Analysis

After understanding your food habits, activity & sleep patterns, I will plan your diet. Once shared, I will alter any details that you are uncomfortable with. No starvation guaranteed! Honesty is all I expect.

Customised Meal Plans

Basis all your details, I will work out 'THE DIET PLAN' for you & share it with you in 2 days. Follow it religiously and you will see quick results. Staying focussed will only help you achieve faster results.

Maintaining your Focus

I will push you to keep sending me updates. These include all the details like your food & activity levels against as suggested by me. I will keep motivating you to stay on track and attend to any edits in the diet plan.

Bringing about the BIG Change

I ensure that my diets are not a one-time hit. I work towards changing your approach towards your lifestyle. We will educate you along the way to make the right choice for your body and health. That way you can maintain your ideal body weight.

So, what are you waiting for?