'Ace your corporate goals with a healthy mind and body.'

To accomplish the set goals on the corporate playground, it is important to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. I offer you bespoke programs to lead your enterprise, to have an empowered and a healthy workforce with a mission to develop a culture of wellness - for life.

corporate  Corporate Wellness & Us


Go beyond the ordinary corporate culture when it comes to nurturing your workforce. Empower them through my 'Corporate Wellness Package' which is designed to cover every aspect of mind and body. From understanding and imbibing the importance of mindful eating and regular exercise, your employees will learn how health is a simple yet important aspect of ones's life that changes everything.

corporate  Corporate Canteen Reshaping


Reshape your lunch menu with me. Do away with oily, calorie laden food and replace them with refreshing smoothies, protein rich snacks and food items carefully designed by me. Offer your employees tasty, yet nutritious, well balanced food items and watch their energy soar as their bodies and minds get healthier day by day. Pledge to make this a long-term commitment.


This includes an hour long general question-answer round with participating employees. All queries will be answered.
DAY 1 : HEALTH CHECK UP of all participants

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) will include the following details of the participants:

  • Percentage of body fat, fat mass, muscle weight and water levels
  • Waist to Hip ratio; it determines your overall health risk
  • Health scores & BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • The participant should be ready with their body measurements before this session.
  • Everyone will be given a sheet with their own BCA and a personalised diet plan.

One hour workshop (40 mins workshop + 20 mins Q&A round). It will include:

  • Participants can ask their doubts about BCA done on Day 1.
  • Awareness creation amongst participants on nutrition & nutritious food options.
  • Tips for a healthy & hearty lifestyle for enhanced work performance.

Two health check-ups of the participants (once & every 1.5 months)

  • Workshops
  • Online support and feedback will be provided throughout the campaign.
  • Health check-up sessions of the participants will be conducted in every alternate month
  • The duration of health check-ups will be based on the number of employees participating in the workshops and personalised diet advice will be given to all the employees enrolled
  • Canteen Reshaping: - Without any kind of major changes and in a very minimalistic and pocket friendly way, we advise reshaping of your lunchroom. Since it’s all about keeping you happy and satisfied with what you eat, we campaign for nutritional and healthy food in the form of refreshing smoothies, protein rich foods, etc. everything and anything that is healthy and won’t spoil your taste buds. In order to give extended support solutions, we also run consultation program services with the concerned authorities
  • Online support and feedback will be provided throughout the campaign.