'I am a foodie but I am always aware about what to eat, when to eat & how much to eat. This makes all the difference in the long run'

I am a firm believer in personalised interactions, which, I ensure, happen every fortnight. I would love to understand and acknowledge your concerns over your nutrition program and your daily regime. These interactions can take place over a call, in-person or through Skype with me.

corporate  Getting Acquainted

'A healthy lifestyle forever!'

For me, life's always been more than just degrees and acknowledgements. It's the burning passion to change people's lives. To impart knowledge and help you discover the wonderful world of wellness. After more than a decade of practicing nutrition, weight management & lifestyle counselling as a doctor, whose diverse clients span across the globe, my greatest joy, is when my clients achieve their goals. I exist to help my clients rediscover, rejuvente and revitalze their lives in every way.

corporate  Harmony & You

'Eat healthy, live healthy'

My specially designed 'Harmony of Four' program will empower you for life. Your body will rejuvenate itself, giving you a perfect balance of a disease free body, radiant skin, healthy hair and positive energy to keep you smiling all day.


corporate  Weight & You

'I will give you not just a diet but a lifestyle that will last forever.'

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. A disease-free body is what makes a super-fit YOU. We all aspire to look good with optimal weight, which is a result of the right combination of food, physical activity and lifestyle. Food habits play the biggest role (to the extent of 70%) alongwith support from activity and lifestyle to achieve that optimal weight for a super-fit YOU. My programs are carefully designed with weekly personalised interactions where I address your concerns, while keeping in mind, your daily regime. My detailed programs are carefully created to prevent and control different diseases and ailments.


corporate Food & You

‘Food is the source of life and energy. Fall in love with it’

I want you to be happy with what you eat. Therefore, my programs are focussed on making you understand food forever. I will customise a meal plan for you, tailored to fit your food preferences, schedule and cultural meals. Don't sweat, I won’t make you starve or make you suffer with a restrictive diet. With my extensive nutritional expertise, I will balance your tastes and meal plans in such a way that it matches your required calorie count for the day. Time for you to fall in love with food. All over again.